AT 2001 – Day 46 – Davis Path – Chestnut Knob Shelter

Day 46  04-14-01

20.6 miles, AT  – 553.7  4,410 feet

Davis Path  – Chestnut Knob Shelter

8:10 AM 5:40 PM, 80°

Last night at least two of the ladies snored and loudly.  I had to get my ear plugs out.  We hit the trail around 8:10 AM and got done at 5:40 PM.

Me after a long hot climb

Today was a super hard day.  It doesnt help all I have is Ramen and other junk from the truck stop I bought at.  There were a lot of climbs but some real nice pasture walking.  Right now Im on top of a grassy knob.  We walked through about two miles on fields on the way up here.  In front of me I have a beautiful view of the farm land below.  My feet hurt as usual today.  I saw a bull frog, snake, groundhog, and I just saw three turkeys.

Tomorrow we are only doing 15 miles and were camping too.  I think Virginia has proved to be very nice so far.  I love looking down on the valleys with the farms.  I was really hating life coming up here but the view is worth it.  I believe this to be our last 4,000 footer until New England.

Stubster's Feet

Tonight Im with Stubster, Bandit, Smokie, Coozers and Agatha.

Scatman 2011- I had lunch the day before on the way out of town at a Dairy Queen.  What a terrible meal.  That night was worse.  I thought I had hit the lottery, three ladies and me in the shelter.  Two of the three ladies snored so badly.  It was unbelievable.  I was happy to be with a new crew this night.



Get out there!

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