AT 2001 – Day 40 – Damascus

04-08-01, Day 40

Zero Day

Sunny, warm

As I said, I had breakfast at Mountain Manís caf√©, thanks to Jack and Bag of Tricks.

Later I hung out at the outfitter, wrote postcards, bought fuel and a fleece sleeping bag for later on down the trail, had more pizza, shopped for more food, made calls and hung out more.  I did laundry yesterday, too.

Today was low key.¬† Got some ice cream after dinner.¬† Food is all that matter if you canít tell.

Tomorrow its back to the trail.  4-5 days to Atkins.

Scatman 2011- Zero days can drag since the towns are usually pretty small and it’s not like there’s a movie theater or mall to go window shop at. ¬†The highlight of the day was at the King Dairy, an old Dairy Queen. ¬†I got my ice cream and was sitting outside when Mr. Pat came out and asked me for some change. ¬†I asked why he said to just listen. ¬†With in motions the “Scatman” song by Los Del Mar who do the Macarena. ¬†Later down the trail I would tell the Scatman Story many times.



Get out there!

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