Nuun’s New Look

Not everyone was keen to Nuun’s logo and most didn’t know what it even said or what was inside the tube. I battled this issue the entire time I worked for them. Well that’s old news now. Nuun gave itself a facelift and it looks great. It’s on the par with the facelifts coming out of 90210, and with less scaring.

Nuun's new look

Note not only the font and overall logo has changed but they diagramed what’s inside, how to use it and tell you it’s making your water better with very few words.

Nuun also almost doubled its line up with 5 new flavors. Originally there was Lemon Lime, Tri-berry, Citrus Fruit, Kona Cola, Orange Ginger, and Banana. (note: Orange Ginger is now just called Orange).
The new flavors are…….Pink Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Leman Tea, Tropical, and Grape.

New Kids on the Block

Be on the look out for my reviews of all the flavors and possibly free tubes to win.
Get out there!
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