AT – Day 4 – Gooch Gap to Woods Hole

03-03-01  Day 4 –  3:47 PM

10.5 miles, AT  –  26.6  .5 miles to shelter

Gooch Gap – Woods Hole

Day 2 of rain

Slept okay last night but not great.  Got up around 6:50 AM, was on trail by 7:50.  Today I felt good but like yesterday I didn’t stop much and I hit the wall around 12 PM.  Today I saw a cardinal and some dark eyed juncos.  Also spooked some ruffed grouse.  Saw two centipedes.  The hike was easy in the beginning but got a little harder.

Gooch Gap Shelter

I was the first one to the shelter (Woods Hole).  A nice shelter but no privy.  Took my first sh_ _ AT style.

I need to eat more during the day.  Staying with Josh, Trisha, Stacy and Mike tonight.  Tomorrow will bring Blood Mountain the first 4000 footer.

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  1. Cardinals, juncos and ruffled grouse? Oh, I really miss the East Coast sometimes. Really enjoying seeing your posts and photos.

  2. Scatman says:

    Some place I have a full list of the birds I saw. Once the leave were out bird sights stopped fast. Ruffed Grouse, I warned my grammar and spelling were not altered in the first post. haha