AT – Day 22 – Maryville Tennessee

03-21-01 Day 22

0 miles, 235.1 AT Miles

Maryville, Tennessee

Zero Day #2


Typical sign you might see along the trail

Today I hung out at Aunt Ruthís house.¬† I read, bird watched, went shopping for food, clothes, and other stuff.¬† I got some swank Mountain Hardware shorts.¬† They have fleece around the waist and in the crotch.¬† They are heaven to my chaffed legs.¬† We went out to dinner at Ruby Thursdays.¬† Then we hit the Jacuzzi.¬† I also caught ďSurvivorĒ.¬† I made a lot of calls and looked at the web page.

Scatman 2011- Once again it was odd to sleep inside but it was comfortable. ¬†Now recall I spoke of chaffing and it was getting bad. ¬†When after I showered I remember looking at my inner thighs and thinking, “Damn, their all dried and cracked. ¬†I should put some lotion on them.” ¬†I did just this and let me tell you, the pain was intense! ¬†I held back cursing out and slowly it went away.

So let me tell you about those shorts I mention above. ¬†As I said the waist and crotch had micro fleece. ¬†I went into this little outfitter thinking they’ll never have anything for this chaffing. ¬†If they do it will be some cream that will be worse than what I put on earlier. ¬†The salesman suggested these MHW Convertible Pack Pants. ¬†I went into the dressing room slipped them on and I can remember sliding my thighs back and forth and I swear I heard music like what you might expect to hear when going through the pearly gates. ¬†It was pure joy. ¬†The micro fleece was incredible. ¬†Light shown down from heaven and lifted me up. ¬†I felt blessed. ¬†I walked out with the pants on and said, “SOLD!” and handed the salesman the tag.

The convertibles were so good I had my parents order a pair of shorts as well.  These pants/shorts were the single greatest piece of gear of my trip.  I still have them today!



Get out there!

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  1. Mike says:

    Chaffing and blistersÖTwo worse things.

  2. Scatman says:

    If you read the Scatman Story, in the “about me” section found on the top right of the page you might at one more thing to that list.