AT 2001 – Day 15 – Cable Gap – Fontana Dam Village

03-14-02 Day 15
6.9 miles, 163.1 AT miles
Cable Gap to Fontana Dam
Sunny, Warm

In Wesser at the NOC I saw a river otter. I also buried a dead dark eyed Junco a day or two ago.

Today’s hike was pretty easy. A lot of down (hill) though. The left knee was feeling it. I had lunch and dinner at the hotel. I showered and did laundry. I got my mail drop and talked to Mattie.

Tonight I’ll stay in the hotel and tomorrow will be a zero day at the Fontana shelter. My mind doesn’t want to stop hikingbut I know my legs need it. Maybe Jessie and Bris will catch me. It’s suppose to rain so it will be a good day to chill out and read.


Tonight we watched “Survivor”. It was totally deceiving.

I saw a bird today. Gray with black head and it kicked it’s tail. A towhee?? I also saw a group of Evening Gross Beaks.

The dam here is pretty big, 400+ feet high, but the village is really small.

Scatman 2011- This was a pretty lazy day. There was not much to do and I got a bit stir crazy in the hotel. It was odd to be inside so much of the day. Being at the resort felt like a vacation from the hike. I had a store, outfitter and restaurant to go to.

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