AT – Day 12 – Siler Bald – Tellico Gap

03-11-01 Day 12

15.7 miles,  126.2 AT miles

Siler Bald –  hostel at Tellico Gap

No entry was record this day.

Scatman 2011:  I can tell you a little about this day.  The hiking itself is lost in the depths of my brian but I do recall getting to a shelter and finding a flyer for a hostel not too far away.  Shamus, Mr. Pat and I all agreed we couldn’t pass up not cooking, a warm nights sleep, showers and the promise of a waffle breakfast.

It turns out the hostel is run by a thru-hiker himself.  He wowed us of his stories and amazed us by telling us he was a Triple Crowner (the Triple Crown is the Appalachain, Pacific Crest and Continental Divide Trails).  He had hiked all three and some more than once.

I recall the waffles were delicious and I ate way too much.  I would meet Ron, the owner of the hostel on the PCT as he bedded down one night.  Small world.  Ron’s trail name was “The Waffle King”.

Ron and Shamus

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