AT – Day 11 – Betty Creek to Siler Bald

03-10-01  Day 11  –  7:45 PM

16.4 miles, 108.9 AT miles

Betty Creek – Siler Bald

Sunny 20º AM / 38º PM

Today was too much!  The plan was for 13 miles but the campsite sucked and was too close to the road.  I should have stayed at Rock Gap with the college kids.  There were a couple of cuties there.

I think I passed Jessie and Bris.  I will make a late start tomorrow.

We’re on top of a Bald. So it’s going to be cold tonight.  I’m with Mr. Pat again and Shamus.  The sunset was great.

The hike in general was good until the last 3 miles. I was hurting.  It didn’t help I had ten pounds of water on me.

I heard a Barred Owl last night and tonight.  Twice now I have gotten callbacks.  I also saw two red squirrels and one chipmunk.

The fire tower on Albert Mountain was great.  The views up here are just as well.  We’re at 4,700-4,900 feet.

Steve and Skipper went home today.  They were the coolest guys yet.  They gave us a ton of food and left us with tons of great memories.  They’re the reason why I’m out here, to meet people like them.

Scatman 2011:  This is the place where I got my trail name “Scatman” from Shamus.

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