AT – Day 10 – Muskrat Creek – Betty Creek

03-09-01  Day 10 –  7:23 PM

16.1 miles, 94.5 AT miles

(30° 7 AM) Sunny, Betty Creek Campsite 42º

Standing Indian Mountain was not bad at all.  Didn’t see many people just one couple with two dogs and one group of three young men.

The hike was good.  Knees were hurting in the AM.  It warmed up quick.  I made it to the Carter Mountain Shelter.  It was nicer than Muskrat Creek.  I stacked on some food until Mr. Pat showed up.  He convinced me to push on to Betty Creek campsite.  After we got water, Skip and Steve on their second day out did the 16.1 miles.

These two are crazy.  Skip is a wild man.  We had a fire again.  No wind too.  We all camp under some rhoddys right next to the trail.  We hung the food all together.  It took three of us to pull it up.

They gave us their extra food.  They are getting off tomorrow.

7:50 PM  we heard a coyote down in the direction of the creek.


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