AT 2001 – Day 27 – Hot Springs – Spring Mountain

03-26-01   Day 27

11.6 miles, AT 281.1

Hot Springs – Spring Mountain

10:30 – 2:15 PM  3,300 Feet

I had a great breakfast at Elmers.  Hit the post office and sent some stuff back.  The pack weighed in at 44.12 lbs.

Dinner Table 1 of 2 at Elmers

The hike was good but as before I didnt want to leave.  I really enjoyed the company of Numb and Not Yet.  Tonight its Mr. Pat, Agatha, and me.  Its a cold one tonight, maybe in the teens or lower.

Spring Mtn. Shelter

Five days to Erwin plus eight more to Damascus.

Scatman 2011- Wow, that was a short ass entry.  I don’t mention it but instead of staying in the tiny cabin on the river Mr. Pat, Agatha, and some others who came into town all stayed at Elmers Hostel.  Elmer owned an big old house right in town and he opened it to thru-hikers.  The whole lot of us hungout and cooked a huge feast.

After the feast we cleaned up the kitchen then a few of the boys play the guitar and sang.  It was a wonderful evening.  Breakfast was another feast in of itself.  I’m surprised I could hike after all that food.



Get out there!

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