AT 2001 – Day 18 – Spence Field – Double Spring Shelter

03-17-01 Day 18
Start 8:24 AM – Finish 3:11 PM
13.5 miles, AT – 193.8
Spence Field → Double Spring Shelter – 5,000′

Today was a good day of hiking. A little cold and not many views. I finally got some views after Siler’s Bald. You could see the frost on the left side of the ridge and none on the right. NC (Mountain effect) Today was a cold windy day. I’m in my bag now!

I saw a mouse on the trail today. I also got the sh _ _ scared out of me by a ruffed grouse!

Today I was thinking “wow I’ve been living out of a backpack for 18 days. If I can do this, I can do anything!” I was happy to be out here despite the cold. I’m really cold right now. I got really tired again from my lack of eating during the day.

I went over Thunderhead (5527 feet). Tomorrow I’ll hit Clingman’s Dome, the highest point on the AT.

We had some mad fire men here tonight. They have a folding saw. Torch it up!!! These guys also gave me some jerky and wine (red). The wine was dry. I also had a blueberry pancake. There’s 9 of us tonight  3 thru-hikers, 6 others.

scatman 2011- I love how I say it was cold twice in the same paragraph. Plus I say there wasn’t many views but somehow I got my first views since Silers Bald. I must have been very tired. The hit of the day was a toss up between seeing the frost line along the ridges and the incredible jerky I received. I recall I rationed that jerky so I could make it last.

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