AT 2001 – Day 17 – Fontana Dam – Spence Field Shelter

03-16-01 Day 17
8:10 AM start –  3:40 PM finish – 4,915′
16.0 miles, AT 179.5
Fontana Shelter → Spence Field Shelter
Sunny/partial cloudy, hot

Tough hike up Shuck Stack! I had a guy go by me in the parking lot, who I didn’t like the looks of. I passed him and had to work extra hard to lose him.

There’s supposed to be deer that visit a field near the shelter, so in a bit I will go have a look.

It was tough starting hiking again after a day off. My legs were real heavy. The climb didn’t help. Me feet are sore already. So is my shoulder.

There’s 11 of us here tonight. Looks like its going to be cold.

Scatman 2011- This day seemed like it was all up hill. As I mentioned the climb up Shuck Shack was really tough. It was tough since it was a sustained climb and one of the longest yet. The Spence Field Shelter was the first “cage” shelter. The shelters of Smoky Mountain National Park have chain link faces across their front to keep the beers out. It’s like a reverse zoo. The only animals I saw from inside my cage were birds and squirrels.

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