Random Facts

(about me and other things)
Knowing is half the battle….

– I learned to drive on a stick
– I believe baseball players are a bunch of over paid boys
– I love pizza
– Iíve been racing bicycles for over 21 years
– The price of a gallon of milk in 1910 was 32 cents
– If I could afford to live in wool I would
– I hate bad drivers
– I yell at bad drivers whether someoneís in the car to listen or not
– I couldnít swallow pills until college
– The smell of coffee makes me nauseous
– 5000+, the number of miles Iíve hiked in my life
– Pileated Wood Peckers make oval holes while the rest make circles
– I went 17 days without showering once
– I get cranky when Iím hungry or tired
– I didnít start drinking until after college
– One, the number of broken bones in my body
– I own over 20 pairs of shoes
– I love the sound of rain on a tent
– I dislike hiking in the rain
– #2, my best ranking when I used to race ATVís
– Iím a mouth breather
– Iíve been known to drool due to the prior fact
– I once ate a whole half gallon of ice cream in one sitting
– I held a six week old Black Bear
– Ducks make me laugh
– A baby beaver is called a Kit
– When I sleep my eyes donít complete shut
– Once I shaved my head bald
– The older I get, the more heights bother me
– 45, number of states Iíve been to
– There are 27 different types of Pop Tarts
– Even though I can talk for hours, I can still be a bad communicator at times
– Once a sunfish got caught in my swimming trunks
– Iíve burn all the skin off my chest once
– I canít whistle
– Iím a sci fi geek
– I play disc golf
– I love lists



Get out there!

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  1. Carl says:

    Wow you can drive a car on a stick that is impressive

  2. Stuart says:

    Can’t drink coffee…omg!

  3. You’ve walked more than 5,000 miles in the hills my friend. That is a gross under-estimation. I’m pretty sure you’re close to twice that…

  4. Scatman says:

    Your too kind my friend, too kind.