Weekly Totals for 1/22 to 1/28

Here’s the week 2 recap of what I’ve done as far as exercise goes for the week.  My training schedule is Monday through Sunday but these recaps will be Saturday through Friday.  Last week someone asked where I like to trail run on the West side.  I mostly run at Seward Park .  If you run all the off-road trails and a bit of the road you can get in 3-4 miles.  Other places to go are the Arboretum, Discovery Park is sweet, and Carkeek Park to the north.  Of course there’s Green Lake and you can add going around the Woodland Park Zoo too.

So here goes:

1/22 Saturday, 20.96k skate skiing, 1:18, 16 avg. kph, 130 avg. HR, and 1540 calories burned

1/23 Sunday, 8.94 mile trail run, stretched, 1:24, 9:32 avg mile, 156  avg. HR, and 1057 calories burned

1/24 Monday, I took the day off.

1/25 Tuesday, 85 push ups and 100 crunches, stretched; 4.31 mile trail run, 36:53, 8:33 avg. pace, 152 avg. HR, and 534 calories burned

1/26 Wednesday, 11.79K of skate skiing, 53:16 total, 40 minutes of skating and the rest was classic, 141 avg. HR and 846 calories burned

1/27 Thursday, 85 push ups and 150 crunches, stretched; 4.57 mile trail run,38:08, 8:20 avg. pace, 156 avg. HR and 564 calories burned

1/28 Day Off

I did not use the foam roller at all.  Gotta work on that.

Last week no one chimed in to say what they did.  Are you people hibernating?



Get out there!

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