Weekly Totals for 1/15-1/21

I’ve decided to start a new Friday tradition and recap what I’ve done as far as exercise goes for the week.  My training schedule is Monday through Sunday but these recaps will be Saturday through Friday.  This is one, to confuse you, while keeping myself shrouded in mystery and two, because Friday is my off day and I have time to write the post.

So here goes:

1/15 Saturday, stretched;  21 mile mountain bike ride.  I have no data since my watch was dead.

1/16 Sunday, 5.58 mile trail run, 53:28, 9:35 avg. pace, 136 avg. HR, and 675 calories burned

1/17 Monday, 70 push ups and 150 crunches; I should have crossed trained but I didn’t have the motivation…

1/18 Tuesday, 75 push ups and 100 crunches, stretched; 4.34 mile trail run, 37:05, 8:33 avg. pace, 149 avg. HR, and 533 calories burned

1/19 Wednesday, 20.12K of skate skiing (7.08K warm up 28:09, 15 avg. kph, 132 avg. HR, and 511 calories burned; 4.94k TT 15:38, 18.6 avg. kph, 179 avg. HR and 343 calories burned; 7.12k cool down 27:03; 15.7 avg. kph; 156 avg. HR and 516 calories burned)

1/20 Thursday, 40 push ups and 100 crunches, stretched; 4.15 mile trail run, 8:23 avg. pace, 154 avg. HR and 510 calories burned

I did use my foam roller once during the week.  I do have to get better about the stretching and the foam roller.  Both are so important, especially for someone like me who’s always tight.  Proper sleep is another thing I have to work on. I usually stay up much too late.  This habit will make my training suffer as the intensity goes up.

What have you been up to this past week? Does anyone have any stories to tell?

*The image on the main page for this post is from my 2007 PCT thru-hike.  It was taken just south of Rainy Pass in WA.



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  1. Jim says:

    You should list some of your favorite in-city trail runs. I am assuming you don’t drive to the east side for all of your runs…

  2. Scatman says:

    Right now I just run at Seward Park. I can get about 4 miles in with very little overlap. Other than that I do go to the East side. It’s funny you ask for a list of places to trail run, it’s on my list of things to post.