Iron Horse Trail Conditions

Today, Saturday Jan. 22nd. I went to Erling Stordahl which is located off Exit 62, Crystal Springs on I-90.  The groomer said he fixed part of the trails there and was headed out to do the Roller Coaster.  When we got there around 1 pm the Roller Coaster was pretty hard but had some soft patches.  Only about a half kilometer down the trail and a large section was washed out.  We asked a group there if the rest of the trails were groomed and they said they were expect that back corner.

We gave up and just skied the Iron Horse Trail towards Hyak.  The IH was hard and partially frozen in most areas but then super soft in small patches in others.  The skating was still decent and fast but the surface was rough in areas.  It appeared the groomer only went in one direction.  One side was frozen corduroy, with a soft center lane and the other side was rough and frozen.  It was very odd conditions.

The recent rain has reeked havoc on the snow levels.  One section of trail looked like the groomer had to rebuild it.  It was super thin and water was rushing under it.  Cabin Creek is also missing sections of trail as well from water run off.  Hope the temperature drops and we get more snow.

On the plus side the classic tracks were great.



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