Cool or Hip as Hipsters?

While researching another post I came across this bag.

It’s called the SEIL Bag. It features a LED Display (flexible PCB) on its face. The bag has two modes: Driving Mode and Emotion Mode. The Driving Mode displays left and right turn signals for the rider, which are controlled via a detachable controller. The idea is simple, let drives know your next move.   In the Emotion Mode it displays a random emotion.  I wonder how long it would take someone to hack it and put what some of us really want to say to drivers when they cut us off.

While in the Driving mode you also have a brake signal, cruse signal and emergency signal; an acceleration sensor within the unit detects movement and turns on stop signal automatically. You can also control the unit manually by pushing the lever up, turns on left turn signal and vice versa.

The Seil Bag was a design concept award winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2010. With the way technology is going I can see people riding around with billboards on their backs!

Designers: Lee Myung Su, Park Geun Wan & Park Okhee for Leemyungsu Designlab


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