Many of you have made the drive to the pass to skate or classic ski only to find out that grooming didn’t happen as the various website said it should. For a while now the Central Cascade Trail Council and State Parks have been trying to fix this situation. There are many factors and groups involved and I will not go into detail at this time.  The bottom line is everyone involved wants the same thing, accurate and timely grooming reports.

The other night the the Central Cascade Trail Council and State Parks had a meeting and out of that meeting came the idea of a Twitter based reporting system. What follows is an email sent out to the Grooming Council:

At last night’s meeting we decided to try to implement Twitter as a way to get timely updates specific to grooming, out to our guests.

We are starting that process with Cabin Creek / Erling Stordahl.

I am not sure if it will be able to be implemented by this weekend. However, we are already starting the testing process.

Please visit and click on the grooming tab. Go down to Cabin Creek or Erling Stordahl and click on the “Twitter” link for both of those areas… (do it separately though)

This system will allow the groomer to “Text” an update. It will allow the higher tech users to “follow” the updates. It will allow the lower tech users to go and visit a web site to get info in a manner similar to what is posted now, or possibly a “news feed” which I hope to experiment with soon….

Also, it will allow other groups that want to post particular feeds or links to their web site. For example, Kongsbergers, who are great stewards of the Cabin Creek Area, will be able to insert the same code that we have on the web site. Additionally, depending on parameters (WACS and the like), it may be possible for the winter rec program to post the same feed, or at least link to the web site so that the user can get the feed…..

PLEASE CHECK THIS OUT and provide me with any feedback that you encounter. We are working to get this implemented asap…

To be clear this is just a test run.  Hopefully everyone involved will embrace it and it will prove a success.

To follow both on Twitter just make an account if you don’t have one and follow: xccabincreek and xcerlingstord.  For those opposed to social media sites, I can say Twitter is NOT Facebook by any means.  If you want to keep to yourself just make an account but don’t make a bio.  It will limit your search ability and people won’t find you.  But you’ll find where and when the grooming has happened!

Feed back can be left as a comment on this post, where it will be forwarded to those in charge of this issue.  Thanks.



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