Votes are in….

Nov. 16th

Tire width rule for CX Nationals has been reversed. Everyone but Elite, U23 and Junior 17-18, can run tires up to 35mm.
Will USA Cycling ever make up their minds???
Let’s here your thoughts on this and the other rule changes they made this year. Does anyone have anything to say?


Voting results from USA Cycling

Nov. 15th
ATTENTION all single speeders, news flash. Flat bars will not be allow at cross nationals. The UCI doesn’t like them, so you shouldn’t either….


Over the weekend members of USA Cycling held a vote to make changes to some of the current rules regarding cyclocross.  Not all the results are in but I can tell you that juniors will be able to run carbon wheels and tubulars just like the elite races.  (only restrictions they have is to gearing).  The possibly ruling against helmet cameras and visors was dropped before the vote, so all of you F. Coppola’s rejoice.

The big possible shake up was the changing of the Single Speed event at Nationals to a title event.  This passed but it’s unclear which categories will be allowed to race.  Since sign up is already open it would make sense that it will be a 1-3 race for 2010 but look for it to change possibly in the future to a Mens’ 1-2 and Womens’ 1-3.  Just my belief.

I’ll have more results as they become available.



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  1. RT says:

    nothing like waiting till the last minute to make changes to rules.

  2. Scatman says:

    Hey, USA Cycling’s timing is amazing isn’t it.