Pro Bar has arrived

Fruits of Twitter

One day while perusing through the vast amount of Tweets in my inbox I saw one that someone re-tweeted from ProBar.  It said, “Skiing already? Tweet a pic of you on the slopes and we’ll kick you some bars to show well they do in your cold jacket pocket.”  (I now see it actually starts with “Skiing already?…..”  I have not actually skied yet.  Sorry ProBar.  For my deception I will review the goods you sent.)

The Package

I sent them a picture of me skate skiing.  They sent me an online form to fill out for free bars and I promptly forgot all about it.  Then just today a week or so later, I gave home to a package.  My roommate just got married so lately all the packages have been gifts for him.  I assumed this one was too until I saw my name.  Then it hit me, ProBar!

Ohhhh, Mmmhhhhmmm.....

I opened the packing list to see they sent me not just 3 bars as the form I filled out asked me to pick, but 3 of each plus 3 more of a new bar “Fruition” cran raspberry .  12 bars in total just for sending my picture to them.

The Booty

Thanks ProBar.  I will be doing some taste testing on these shortly and will have my review for you.



Get out there!

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  1. Kathleen says:

    Whoa! Let me know how those taste! I’ve been looking for a bar that’ll keep well in the pocket.