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This review is a bit different in that itís not a product Iím reviewing, but a company that supplies a service.¬† Rob Gamber is a veteran watch repairman.¬† Twenty-two years ago he became a certified watchmaker and started his own business, Eastside Watch Repair (EWR) with his brother.¬† Over the years Rob became more and more familiar with Polar products through customers at EWR.¬† Finally in 2006 after many letters to Polar, one reached the right person, and Rob landed a job as Polarís NW service center.

After just 4 short years of working with Polar customers and products, Rob became involved with those who use them and found himself becoming more and more interested in the field.¬† In a move to follow his passion for this new interest and wanting more time to spend with his daughter who has Angelman Syndrome, Rob closed the EWR business and in February of 2010 became one of Polarís five service centers in the country.¬† Now Rob works from home, servicing customers via a mail-in service, and he gets to spend more time with family.

I service ALL Polar products and provide any and all repair work necessary—battery replacements,¬†new bands, transmitters or cases, and repair of units.¬† If it’s a Polar, I can fix it.¬† I also sell the full line of accessories.¬† I am strictly a mail in business and I repair Polars from all over the United States and beyond.¬† My customers are made up of individual users, schools, fitness centers and gyms. -Rob

I have been using Ronís services for years now and every time Iím satisfied with the service.¬† You do not have to worry about searching the internet or filling out a lengthy RMA form online.¬† Robís website is simple and fast, just like the turn- around time of his work.¬† If he doesnít pick up when you call, he calls back promptly.¬† Others could learn from the level of customer service Rob provides.

If youíre a cyclist, runner, skier, hiker, tri-athlete, or a general fitness buff, you probably own a Polar watch or plan too, and if you ever need help with that Polar product, Rob is your guy.

Contact Rob:

Authorized Polar Service Center
PO BOX 8004
Mill Creek , WA 98082



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