Seattle Cyclocross Series Preview



The Seattle Cyclocross Series (SCX) is just around the corner, Sunday to be exact.  Are you ready?  Well hopefully this post will make sure you are.

2010 SCX Race Schedule


The points structure is the same as years past.  Only youre best 6 races count towards the overall and the Monroe race is worth DOUBLE points.  Should you upgrade racing categories, you may take your points with you. (You need to fill out a form online on the SCX site.  The deadline for all points transfer requests is November 5, 2010. And remember you need to upgrade with USA Cycling first.

Licenses & Upgrades

Since the SCX series is sanctioned by USA Cycling you will need a USAC license to race.  Cat1/2/3 need to have a valid annual license, while Cat. 4 can buy a one day license, day of for $10.  To purchase your annual license the best place is online, HERE.

Upgrades should also be done through the USA Cycling website.  Be sure to review the requirements before you apply for your upgrade (rules 1D4 and 1D5).

Race Day Schedule

9:15 am

  • Cat 4 men
  • Cat 4 Master Men 35+

10:15 am

  • Cat 4 Master Men 45+
  • Cat 4 Master Men 55+
  • Cat 4 Women
  • Cat 4 Women Master 34+
  • Single Speed Women
  • Jr. National Development (new category)

11:15 am

  • Jr. Cat 4 age 10-12 (boys&girls)
  • Jr. Cat 4 age 13-14 (boys&girls)
  • Jr. Cat 4 age 15-16 (boys&girls)

11:40 am

  • Tikes & Trikes

12:15 pm

  • Cat 1-2 Men
  • Cat 1-2 Master Men 35+
  • Cat 1-2 Master Men 45+

1:30 pm

  • Cat 3 Master Men 45+
  • Cat 3 Master Men 55+
  • Cat 1-2 Women
  • Cat 3 Women
  • Cat 1-3 Master Women 35+
  • Single Speed Men

2:30 pm

  • Cat 3 Men
  • Cat 3 Master Men 35+

Other Import Information you need to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Registration Closes 20 minutes before the start of each race.

***If you race more than one race, the second is only $10***

Juniors Race Free

Junior National Development is $15 online/ $20 Day of

Adults is $20 online/ $25 Day of

The SCX is giving away a New Belgium cruiser bike to one lucky person.   For a chance to win you have to buy a season pass or preregister online before this Friday, the 24th.  See the SCX site for details on the bike and benefits of the season pass.

Volunteers are need for course clean up during the series.  If you want to help out and give a hand you can contact Debbie at: debdriver at yahoo dot com


Get out there!

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  1. Jim says:

    Has an agreement been made where mfg races count for upgrade points?

  2. Scatman says:

    Good question Jim. I would refer you to contact Lisa Miller on that one. The only impression I got from reading the upgrading policy was that their not making anyone upgrade. It’s up to you to move up when you feel ready. Just like at one of those feel good schools for kids. Little Jimmy does work when “he” wants too. But I could be wrong.