Pratt River Trail Contector & CCC Trail Report

August 29, 2010


Location: Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie to Pratt River Trail to CCC Trail

Region: Snoqualmie Pass – North Bend Area

Agency: Mount Baker-Snoqualmie NF, Snoqualmie Ranger District


Guide Books and Maps:


Green Trails Maps #174 & #175


NW Forest Pass Required


Current Conditions:


Crossing the Gateway bridge over the Middle Fork you see a sign which says �Main Trail� and it points to the left.  On the right is another trail which leads to the Pratt River Trail.  This contector trail was supposed to be relocated in 2002-03 but from my hike this weekend I found only a short section of maybe a tenth of a mile has been cut.  You can follow the old trail but at times along the river it can be difficult to figure out which way to go.  Other areas are grown over or very hard to follow.

If at some point you find yourself going up a steep hill away from the Middle Fork along a side stream your probably on the trail to Rainy Pond, turn around.  Some sections of trail are easy to follow and will take your breath away.  Other times you�ll be chin high in overgrown pricker bushes.

There is one rock slide 2/3 to the Pratt River Trail.  When you enter the slide you should cut a cross at “10 o’clock”.  There are two smallish cairns to guide you.

Middle Fork

Towards the end of the trail you�ll find yourself in a overgrown rock slide in which the trail seems to disappear.  By following the pink tape I was able to find it again.  Soon it follows an old road which was completely overgrown with salmon berries.  This leads to a meadow, and the former Halfway House site and river ford.   Just before the meadow the trail forked, left is a connector to the Pratt River Trail and right goes to the meadow.   I crossed the river at the meadow and made my way to the Middle Fork Road heading north until I got to the CCC Trail.  If your looking to hike a trail with little climbing and people, with options to access a river the Middle Fork is it.

The CCC Road Trail  is a wonderful trail.  It�s perfect for taking the family or those looking for an easy grade.  It skirts the west side of the Middle Fork Road and passes through some beautiful forests.  It even has a side connecting trail to the Middle Fork Campground.

Overall the Pratt River Connector Trail is a nice escape from the crowds but is tough to follow and the going can be hard.  The CCC Trail is 180 degrees opposite and a snap to hike.

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For my hike report with video, click here.


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