Cascade Cross Series Preview

Cascade Cross

Cascade Cross

Tomorrow marks the start of Cascade Cross’s third year.  The fun starts with Killer Cross at Squalicum Creek Park.

Cascade CX 2010

“If you race at least TWO events (i.e. one in Oct or Nov), you will score double points at the final. If you race JUST at the final, you will earn the standard points.” -Cascade Cross site  You also have to race the final race in January to be considered for the overall.  The top 3 in each division will receive a prize, given out at the Series Finale Party!

As you can see they have changed the schedule from last year to help make the push towards a later cross season, in hopes of giving those racing a cross the pond at the World Cup/International level races a chance to keep in shape.


Standard points are awarded 18 deep according to the following scheme:
26, 20, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Licenses & Upgrades

A USA Cycling license is NOT required.

Race Day Schedule

9:00 am C Class

  • Men C
  • Masters Men C (40+)
  • Women B
  • Juniors B

Races last 30 to 45 minutes

10:00 am Youth

Ages 4-14, “novice” racers

Races last 10 to 15 minutes

10:30 am B Class

  • Men B
  • Masters Men B (40+)
  • Women A
  • Juniors A
  • Singlespeed B

Races last 45 to 60 minutes

12:00 pm A Class

  • Men A
  • Masters Men A (40+)
  • Collegiate A Men & Women
    (Nov 21 only – NWCCC Championship)

Races last 55 to 70 minutes

Other Import Information you need to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Registration is Day-of Race only. It opens at 8 a.m. and closes 15 minutes before your race.
  • Singlespeed riders can choose from whichever category they prefer. However, only the Singlespeed B race is scored separately and calculated in the overall series.
  • Seniors (18-39) and Master Men (40+) pay $25
  • Women racers pay only $20!
  • College students pay $15 with valid ID!
  • Juniors (U18) race for $10 (A, B, or C races).
  • The Youth race at 10:00 is Free!.
  • Canadians pay in CDN at par!
  • Your second race on the same day is half-price!
  • Numbers go on left side.

We accept cash or checks. Checks are made out to Rocket Designs.


Get out there!

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