Training update

While on vacation I pretty much had one option when it came to training, running.  So running is what I did.  Now that I look at the numbers I was running as much as I was for the Timberline Half back in May.  So much for easing back into things.  I had planned on swimming but couldn’t get into it.  I thought running would be best to get my feet ready for StoS.

8/12  3.54 miles in 29:10

8/13 5.06 miles in 40:53

8/15 4.01 miles in 31:00

8/16 2.18 miles in 16:21

8/17 5.99 miles in 50:26

8/19 3.99 miles in 30:32

8/20 7.99 miles in 1:04:33

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In all 32.76 miles in 13 days.  A lot for me but I felt good on most of the runs.

Tuesday night stairs again tomorrow, who’s in?


Get out there!

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  1. Dobsieguide says:

    Funny he doesn’t mention all the oatmeal rolls and butter for dinner here at The Pines, huh? Slows down a run… eh Scatman?????

  2. Scatman says:

    I think your constant chit chat slows me down more. “what’s this? What does that do?” and the list goes on.