Top Ten Hiking Essentials

Top Ten Things to Bring on a Hike:

1. Map

2. Compass (actually know how to use it)

3. Water (and a way to purify it)

4. First aid kit (be sure to include an extra day of any medication you are taking or might need in an emergency)

5. Fire starter and matches (store in a water tight container in addition to a butane lighter)

6. Rain Gear and extra clothes

7. Extra food (enough for one extra day)

8. Flashlight or headlamp (check batteries before hand or bring extras)

9. Knife or multi-tool

10. Sun screen/ glasses

Other Essentials

1. Space blanket

2. Toilet paper

3. Insect repellent

4. Emergency card (list who to call, medications, medical conditions and any allergies)

5. Repair kit

6. Trash bag

7. Whistle

8. Mirror

9. Watch


Get out there!

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