Question for Week 31

What do you drink after your workout?  Beer, water, recovery drink, chocolate milk?


Get out there!

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  1. Tammy says:

    What *do* I drink, or what *should* I drink? 😉
    The excessive heat her in Tejas leaves me with a craving for beer post-afternoon or evening workouts, and I typically will indulge in one before switching to water. While beer increases rehydration, it does damper training effect via deep sleep disruptions / lower growth hormone levels overnight.

    When not beer, it’s usually a smoothie or piece of fruit with water while I cook up a balanced meal, heavy on electrolytes and minerals.

  2. Aron says:

    Mostly water, but ohhhh how good a beer or three tastes after all day on the dusty trail.

  3. Scatman says:

    Hey Tammy, Good to see your doing well. Thanks for the input. Advice from professionals is always welcome here at Adventures of Scatman.

  4. Scatman says:

    I guess I should say what I drink since I did ask the question. It’s a mixed bag for me. Sometimes its water, other times its nuun and when I really need to recover its chocolate milk. Actually its only chocolate milk when I have the foresight to buy it ahead of time.

  5. Johnny O says:

    Usually something carbonated- soda water, or my die hard favorite Dr. Pepper. Someone told me a long time ago that carbonation helps pull lactic acid out of your muscles. not sure if that has any scientific basis, but It seems to work for me. Also since it’s after my workout I try and get all my calories and nutrients from solid food.

  6. Scatman says:

    You do you like your DP.