My Favorite Links, 8/6

Montbell -Makes a wide range of outdoor gear including clothes, packs, tents, camp gear, sleeping bags, as well as travel pieces too and the list doesn’t stop there.  If your looking for top quality gear that will last and do what it claims then stop and check out Montbell.

Six Moon Designs -Ultralite gear made by ultralite hikers.  Six Moon Designs make some of the nicest ultralite gear out there and have a wide range of gear.  (tents, tarps, packs, bivies and net tents)  Ron “Fallingwater” Moak the owner has been hiking since the 70’s and has learned a thing of two along the way and that shows in his products. -You fancy something more than Lipton Sauce & Noodle or Top Ramen when hiking, then you need to spend some time at this site.  Incredible recipes and cooking ideas await.  Try one or try them all, there’s something for everyone, even for the pickiest of eaters.

Post Holer -Is a informational site about the Pacific Crest and Continental Divide Trails.  If your planning a thru-hike or even a section or day hike then a stop at this site will prove useful.  With everything from snow and weather reports, to maps, to forums and journals Post Holer has the info you need to hike on these trails.

Dart Nuun Adventure Race Team -You think I have lofty goals and that I do some crazy stuff, then checkout this group of incredible individuals.  Racing as a team since 2002, Dart Nuun is now a power house when it comes to going far fast.  They’re simply one impressive group of people.


Get out there!

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