Inov-8 Roclite 295 Review

Inov-8 Roclite 295

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I first heard of Inov-8 shoes while on the PCT. Their concept was explained to me and it made sense but being a product of years of traditional shoes sales advertising I didn’t buy into it. Inov-8 has based their shoes on the idea that bare foot running is natural and better for you. They built their shoes around this idea


From the Inov-8 site “Running bare foot is associated with a substantially lower prevalence of acute and chronic injuries to the ankle and lower limbs, so, the inov-8 team designs all our footwear range to allow the foot the freedom to move and function as nature intended, without interference from the structure of the shoe. inov-8 shoes protect the foot from the harsh external environment experienced by the off road runner but maintain the feeling and function of bare foot running. inov-8 believes that foot function has evolved over millennia to provide a stable platform on which the runner can perform. It is, and always will be our philosophy to look to the natural function of the foot for inspiration and guidance whenever we design footwear for the high performance athlete or the recreational runner.” more

When I was going to get a pair of trail runners I knew I wanted to try Inov-8s. I ended up with the Roclite 295s. They are light, flexible yet supportive enough for trail running. They have the fit of a slipper but work like a true running shoe. They have no waterproofness but their breathability is extremely high. Due to this I have much less hot spots after long runs.

My shoes at about 100 miles

The 295’s have a beefy sole with large lugs for superior traction. Inov-8 have used their Meta Flex, Shank and Cradle as well as their Fascia Band. The cushioning is mid level, while the fit is generous. Due to their generous fit I have noticed that when your moving along a side hill or steep downhill my feet tend to swim a bit. Someone with a large volume foot might not have the same issue. They have a low profile too which keeps you closer to the ground and your footing is my stable, adding to your comfort level.

Summary: Overall the 295s are a great training and long distance shoe. By no means are they Inov8’s most durable or supportive shoes but they have the key features for their intended use, which they do beautifully.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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Note: When reviewing products I do not look at the manufactures website until I have written my review. I then go back and fill in anything I might have missed or gotten wrong. That way I hope to have a unbiased view of the item and it’s up to me to find all it’s features, advantages or short comings.
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  1. Jim says:

    I might have to give these a shot. I am in need of some trail shoes and am becoming increasingly convinced that traditional shoes are part of my knee issues. Where did you get yours?

  2. Scatman says:

    I got mine at the Seattle Fleet Feet Sports. Its at 911 Pine st in the Odd Fellows Building.