The StickPic Review

The Stick Pic

I was first introduced to the StickPic in April of 2009.  I was promoting nuun at the ADZPCTKO Party (Annual Day Zero PCT Kick Off) when Rod the inventor of the StickPic came over to introduce himself.  He gave me his sales pitch and then gave me my very own StickPic to try.

“Weighing only 10.5 grams, it comes in five different models, to fit 90% of all common trekking poles. A prototype of the original StickPic was first introduced to the hiking community at the Tenth Annual Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kick Off (ADZPCTKO) at Lake Morena County Park in San Diego on April 25, 2008. We now have 150 through-hikers testing the StickPic on their journeys and were gathering comments, suggestions, and success stories to help us perfect this exciting product.” From the StickPic website

Original StickPic

Ive been in love with this little piece of gear magic ever since Rod gave me it.  I never was keen on the adjustable tripods out there and theyre a pain to set up and take too much time.  The StickPic is simple, small and takes no time to use.  I dont even stop walking when I use it.

So what is the StickPic, well its a way to mount your camera to your hiking pole.  Made from a piece of nylon block and a threaded insert, the StickPic threads into your cameras tripod mount, then you simply slide on the tip of your pole into the nylon piece, (be sure to put the lanyard around your hiking pole in case the StickPic gets bumped and slides off the tip).

Now longer do you have to take pictures where its obvious youre holding the camera out with your arm.  You can get more in the pictures you take since its further from you, the subject.  Video journaling is a breeze with it.  No more trying to find a flat spot to set up your tripod.  Simply use the StickPic and you can make a video journal anywhere.  Being that the StickPic is on your pole instead of your hand its much easier to keep the camera steady while on the move.  The added length of the pole in your hand acts like a camera boom. I have even mounted my StickPic to face forward while filming at a mtb race to capture the action.

New Jam Nuts

The owner/inventor of the StickPic just sent me a new one which came with two different “jam” nuts as there called to try out.  The jam nut is the black piece that tightens the unit in place.  People said the older style jam nuts were too small and difficult to tighten when they had gloves on.  The new ones are an improvement.

The StickPic is simple, weighs close to nothing and adds so much to your hike and the memories youll be able to take from it.  I highly recommend The StickPic to every hiker, skier, walker and general outdoors person who uses poles.

Rating:  5 out of 5


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  1. Love the gadget! I must try it out! BTW, you and I have the same kitchen countertop…

  2. Scatman says:

    That was a table, which got sold at my yard sale today. I was multi-tasking.