Talapus Lake/Mt. Defiance Trail Report

Bandera Mtn. , Mason Lake , Mt. Defiance and West Defiance Peaks

July 8-9, 2010

Bandera Mtn.  , Mason Lake , Mt. Defiance and West Defiance Peaks (trails #1038 and 1009)


Snoqualmie Pass-Snoqualmie Pass , Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest ,
Snoqualmie Ranger District

Guide books and Maps:

Green Trails Snoqualmie Pass No. 206

NW Trail Pass required

Hike by the numbers:

Current Conditions:

I approached Bandera from the East via a bush whack up from Talapus Lake.  The old ridge trail to the true summit was hard to follow and is much more grown over than a few years back when I did it.

The trail from the turn off to Mason Lake to the summit was in good condition and the wild flowers are blooming big time on the slope of Bandera.  The trail to Mason Lake is in great condition as well.  I only went up to the junction with Trail 1009 which climbs to Mt. Defiance.  The first part of the climb to Defiance is fine but the middle third of the climb has some snow and as a result it is still muddy in places.  The last third is dry and in good condition.

The old trail down from West Defiance was hard to follow especially since I hadn’t come up that way.  If you decide to do a loop like I did then just follow the ridge off the summit due south until you hit a trail.  It should be obvious, just follow it down hill.  Around 2200 you’ll hit another well used trail running east/west.  Take this one east and it will bring you back to the Bandera parking lot.

The bugs were not bad at all throughout my hike.  Wild flowers are in full bloom.  For a full report checkout my trip report.  Report includes video and link to Flickr with photos.


Get out there!

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