My Favorite Links 7/16

Every Friday I will post a list of links to people, companies, gear, or trails I think are great. Feel free to check them out and if you find something you like let them know who sent you.

MFG Cyclocross Series – This race series kicked off it’s first season last year. As we draw closer to season #2 I can’t wait. They have great venues, great course layout, and their a nice bunch of guys. If your looking to do some cyclocross racing start here.

Evergreen MTBThis group of individuals are responsible for such places as Duthie Hill MTB Park and Colonnade Bike Park, among others. They are the voice of MTBing in Washington. Looking for a group ride, training clinics, want to get involved with trail advocacy, or learn bike maintenance, then check them out.

The Stickpic – What can I say about this little item that isn’t great! The Stick Pic is a small attachment that allows you to put your camera on the end of your trekking pole. No longer do you need to take pictures at arms length of yourself. It’s great for video dairies too.  Everyone should have one.

Washing Trail Association (WTA) – The WTA is Washington’s source for hiking info. They have the best trail info, help protect nature, fight for our rights and bring the hiking community together.  Every adventure to the woods should start with a stop at the WTA website.

Olympic WandererAron has a great blog and knows almost everything about the Olympics you could want to know.  He has a great writing style and I have found his writing and wandering to be very interesting.  He’s also on Facebook, and Twitter.  Check out his site.

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