My Favorite Links 7/23

Inov-8 óMake incredible trail running shoes.¬† Their shoes are based on barefoot running.¬† So instead of having a rigid shank they have a shank that allows the foot to move naturally as it would without shoes, while still giving you the support you need.¬† They make a ton of styles as well as packs and other cool gear.

Seattle Cyclocross Series óThe original cross series in Seattle .¬† Once called Emerald City Cyclocross is now in its __ year as a series.¬† Big fields, fast racing, and good people.

Epic Designs óAre the makers of the coolest frame bags youíll find.¬† Custom made to fit ďyourĒ bike, with all the care as if it was their bike.¬† From gas tank bags, to frame, to seat to under and over the bar bags Epic Designs has you covered.¬† If youíre planning a trip, skip the old school racks and panniers and look into these guys! óBike backing is a new way to bike tour.¬† This site has everything from trip reports, to how to get into bike packing, to gear reviews.¬† If youíve ever wanted to combine your love for hiking and biking this site will help you do just that.¬† Personally I can’t wait to get out and try this!

Just a steppe away óA friend of mine is doing the Mongol Rally.¬† Itís a charity race from London , England to Ulaanbaater , Mongolia .¬† The race is anywhere from 8-10,000 miles long depending on what route you take.¬† Team must get themselves and their car, which by the way is limited in engine size to that of a lawn mower practically to the finish where they donate the car and the other gear they use along the way.


Get out there!

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