July Totals

July was a good month of solid workouts.  August will start out strong but don’t expect the numbers to keep going up.  I have to temper for Labor and my StoS hike.   Next month I’ll make  point to count the sit ups and push ups.  Maybe we can have a contest and see who can do the most.

No races this month

50 different activities

10.7 miles climbing stairs, 20,400 steps, up 609.9% from June
19.4 miles hiking, up 1103.7% from June
21.2 miles running. down 21% from June
81.9 miles mountain biking, down 6.3% from June
220.8 miles road cycling, up 49.9% from June

354 miles in total, up 33.7%


Get out there!

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