A Long Week

I feel dirty and not worthy.  Yes, that can mean only one thing..No, I didnt go to the strip club..I didnt ride into work but DROVE today!  Its been a long week and with the weekend I have planned I need the rest.  On a funnier note I went for a ride after work with Mr. F and when I moved to the front he proclaimed, You looked like a Tour rider!.  This was due to how thin I am.  For some reason Ive lost a bunch of weight lately?  Maybe its the Starbucks hot chocolates and sausage breakfast sandwiches 4 times a week or just maybe its all the exercise, empty kitchen and pockets.

Even funnier than looking like a Tour rider and not being a ¼ as fast, I hit a crow on my bike last night!  The scary part is Mr. F and I talked about hitting animals on bikes earlier during our ride.  I was on Beacon St next to the golf course and this crow takes off in front of me.  He took off going the same direction as me but instead of staying near the side of the road he cut over to the left.  Next thing you know hes inches from my wheel.  I hesitate, but he gets closer.  Now hes 8 off my head tube and my tire is giving him a rubber burn on his ass.  I pretty much couldnt see my front wheel at this point.  I slowed even more and finally the little guy got some speed up and turned off my line.  I was sure I was going to overtake him and all hell was going to ensue.  In the end it all worked out, but man I was worried for a bit.

Question of the week:  So whats the craziest animal you or someone you know has hit while on a bike, running, or hiking?


Get out there!


  1. Joe Martin says:

    During the 24 hours of Spokane last year a friend came around a corner and t-boned a deer. 2 years ago a buddy of mine was riding down a big hill towards marymoor and a racoon jumped out in front of him and took him down. I was riding in Moab about 8 years ago and came around a corner and had to bunny hop a big rattlesnake in the middle of the trail. I watched a friend have a bird fly right thru his front wheel without contact. have no idea how it didn’t hit a spoke. Seems like animal encounters are very common.

  2. Scatman says:

    Thanks for the note Joe. Goes to show they come in all shapes and sizes…..

  3. Aron says:

    Driving down the road, a cat was running across a field towards me… it was going full out and jumped across the ditch toward the road as I was passing it. He hit the side of my car. So technically, he hit me. Does that count?

  4. Scatman says:

    It counts since it’s funny. Cats are usually smarter than that.

  5. matt says:

    My friend Melissa was stocked by a mountain lion on a ride. She sensed something following her and on her last few miles, she got a glimpse of the big cat. Once the cat was made, she left Melissa alone… could have been scary.

    I almost hit a duck and a bunny on the Birke Gilman trail. Not on the same day and not as scary as a mountain lion.

  6. Scatman says:

    Bunnies on the Burke NEVER! Their like ghost. One second their not there and the next instant bang, Peter Cotton Tail, is right in front of you. Ever get close to hitting one of those chickens in Woodenville on the Burke?