My goals for 2010 and beyond

My original plan for 2010 was as my Superfeet video said, a solo 24 hour mountain bike race, a 100 mile mountain bike race, various other mountain bike races, hikes, and circumnavigating Mt. Hood by MTB.  Due to major cut backs I’ve had to switch gears.  I’ll get a few mtb races in but not the solo or 100 mile races.  There will be plenty of weekends on the bike, S24O,  and hiking as well as lots of running.

So this summers big goal is to hike from Stevens Pass to Snoqualmie Pass without stopping.  It’s a 72 miles section of the Pacific Crest Trail with 13,000′ of climbing.  I did this hike back in 2005, as well as while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) in 2007.  It’s a beautiful section of trail and even at the fast pace I’ll be going, the beauty won’t be missed.  In the short time I’ve been running I’ve met two other who have this hike/run on their to wish list.
My goal in 2005 was to see if I could hike the 72 miles in less than 48 hours.  I did it in 47 hours.  You can check out my trip report here.  Knowing what I know from the 2005 and from my 2007 thur-hike, I have a training program and I know what to expect.  Originally my goal was to just beat my first attempts time.  Now I’m thinking I’m going to “fastpack” the hike.  Fastpack is a step beyond ultra light hiking.  If I fastpack the hike I will carry only water, food, and clothes.  I will not be camping or cooking since I will try to hike the whole 72 miles in one shot.  So no tent, sleeping bag, stove or other overnight gear.  I will have first aid, a headlamp and other safety items with me.
I found some movies on Youtube of a gentleman, Will Thomas, who fastpacked the same section and did it in 37:17.  Knowing I slept for at least 12 hours I figure I can fastpack it like Will and knock a lot of time off my previous time.
To get ready this time I have been climbing stairs every week.  I have also been running too of course.  Later I’ll post my schedule for my stair workouts.  Hopefully I can get two big hikes in before I give it another go.  I’m hoping to hike the first half in one shot one weekend, then possibly doing the other half another.  I’m going to go as far as hiking them during the same time of day I would on the actually hike.  That means starting the second section at night and going through the night.  I figure knowing the trail at night will help when I have to do it again but in a much more tired state.

They’ll be more post about this and my prep as the summer moves along.  Stay tuned!


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