Backcountry Tortillas


Flour tortillas

Mexican/Taco Cheese blend


Olive Oil

Vegetables of your choice


Bubble Bee Chicken Breast with Southwest Seasonings

At home cut tortillas to fit in your pot, unless your using a frying pan.  Next cut up your vegetables and put them and your cheese in a zip-lock or use your food saver.

When it’s time to cook apply a thin layer of olive oil to your tortilla place it in your pot then add pre-made bag of cheese and vegetables.  If your adding chicken do that now.

Place pot over flame but do not rest on burner.  Like with the recipe above it’s better to treat this meal like Jiffy Pop and keep the pot moving so not to burn the tortilla.  Once you see the cheese began to melt place the other tortilla on top of your quesadilla.  Now be sure your quesadilla isn’t stuck to your pot.  Cover the pot with the lid and then quickly flip the pot upside down.  Your quesadilla should be on top of the lid.  Carefully remove lid and slide your quesadilla back into the pot and brown the other side.  Once your satisfied remove from heat and serve.  Add salsa and enjoy!


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