Wow!  Just the other day I received word from Superfeet that they would be sponsoring me for the 2010 season.  This is my first personal sponsorship in years.  Superfeet held a contest to select 20 individuals for sponsorship.  You could either write or make a video of why you should be chosen.  I did a video.  Check it out below.


As a result of being chosen I will receive 5 pairs of Superfeet and $400 worth of gear to help me with my adventures.  Some of that gear included: Outdoor Research hats (3), hoodie, Osprey backpack, Outdoor Research vest, travel bag by Asolo, t shirts, thermos,  a water bottle, and more.  I’ll make a point to call out the stuff in pictures when I can.

For my part I simply have to post blog entries, tweets, and Facebook about my adventures white spreading the word about Superfeet.  If you don’t have a pair go out and try a pair.  They are worth the money and will support you much better than the insoles you have now.  I wouldn’t have hiked the Appalachian Trail, Long Trail, and the Pacific Crest Trail with them if they didn’t work.  Enough said.

If you need help decided which color to get email me.


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