Backcountry Pizza


Boboli Pizza Crust or flour tortilla*
Boboli Pizza Sauce (or sauce of your choice.  If you have food saver figure out how much sauce you need and make bags with that amount)
Vegetables of your choice.

(pepperoni, fresh garlic, mushrooms, and other vegetables you don’t have to cook separately work best.)
Mozzarella Cheese (use the food saver again if you have one)
Crushed pepper flakes
Salt and pepper if you like
Olive Oil
At home lay Boboli Pizza Crust on cutting board.  Then put your pot upside down on crust.  Now cut around the edge of the pot. You’ll have to cut an addition half inch of crust off so it will fit inside your pot.  If your not worried about the weight bring a frying pan instead.  You will have a bigger pizza and less trouble removing it from the pot.
Start by putting a slight film of olive oil on the bottom of the pan.  This will keep the crust from sticking to the pot and burning.  Now build your pizza right in the pot.  Try to keep the cheese on the pizza so cleaning your pot will be easier.  This will also help your pizza not sticking to the pot upon removal.
Turn on your stove at it’s lowest setting.  Depending on your stove you might be able to put the pot down on the stove but to be safe just hold it above the flame.  I find it best to cook the pizza like it’s Jiffy Pop and I move my pot in circles or back and fourth over the flame.  Keep the pot moving until your cheese melts completely.  Once melted slide a utensil under the edge of your pizza and slide pizza onto a plate if you have it or your pot’s lid.  Sit back and enjoy your backcountry pizza!
*Tortilla pizza cook very fast so be careful not to burn them.

Simple Cheese pizzas I made at home in my pot.


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