PCT 2007 – Day 84 – VRR – Trail to Duck Lake

Day 84 6-17-07 TT 10,150′
VRR – Trail to Duck Lake
18.1 (1.4) miles; 895.3 (48.4) total miles; 2785.3 trip miles
80’s sunny hot

Marmot count is 42
Deer count is 41
Pika count is 2
Bear count is 0

!!The marmots have taken the lead!!

It was a late score by the marmot as I saw one when I entered camp. So now they hold a slight lead over the deer.

Today started off cold. I woke up when it was still dark and had to put another layer on and my hat. I got up not too long after 6 since it’s hard to sleep in anymore. I had my breakfast and packed up. Then I had another breakfast of an English muffin and a breakfast burrito. I settled my tab, which as I was warned would be shocking and it was!
It wasn’t long before it was time to load everyone into the van and go down to the ferry. I took everyone’s picture for the resort’s wall. In the van it was Ed, Wounded Knee, Storming Norman, Hells on Helen, Thirsty Boots, Second Hand and I.

Rock Slide

Once off the boat, we got going right away. We had miles to cover. The hike began with a 7 mile climb to Silver Pass, 10,900′. We passed Luke and Jenna, two JMT hikers we first saw back near Evolution Creek. The climb wasn’t too hard. I had lunch not too far from Silver Pass Lake. We all hung out on top for a short break then it was a 3.6 miles descent to Fish Creek. After that we climbed up from the Tully’s Hole junction for about 3 miles and ended up at Lake Virginia. We got water there then moved on.

As I crested a saddle not far from Lake Virginia, I noticed a very large pile of boulders and rocks. As I looked more I figured out the pile of rock had come from the mountain next to it. I was looking at the side of the mountain now filling the valley in front of me. It must have made one hell of a roar when it all came down.

Just after the pile of rock, we passed two southbound JMTer’s. We got to Purple Lake and cooked dinner. At this time Second Hand was with us. As we finished dinner, Thirsty Boots came up. Ed, Wounded Knee and I left first but ran into Eddy and Megan so we talked to them a while. It was good to see them, they are a nice couple.

We still had one climb to get to camp which dragged on. It basically almost circled the mountain we were on as it went up. I did get a really beautiful sunset shot of the valley next to us. It was just a short ways to camp from there. Once there we met Matthew, a JMTer. We talked to him a while and then all went to bed. I cleaned up at the creek first to remove the Deet from myself. That stuff is nasty but it works.

Scatman 2011- I didn’t mention it but later in the day the mosquitoes were terrible.  For eating so much food at VVR I felt good today and was excited to sleep in my tent!  No listening to mosquitoes buzz inches from my head.  As usual places like VVR shuffle the hikers since it brings us together.  I got to met new people and see some I hadn’t seen in a long time.  Of course we had great views but you could see the mountains were getting smaller.



Get out there!

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