PCT 2007 – Day 58 – Saufley’s – Luna Da Casa

Day 58 5-22-07 H
Saufley’s – Luna Da Casa
24.2 miles; 478.6 total miles (12); 2554.1 Trip miles
80’s, sunny no shade

I didn’t go to asleep until 11:30PM last night and I was exhausted. I slept in until Wounded Knee woke me up. I then proceeded to talk very loud and woke up Troll in the next tent over. I felt really bad and apologized but it was too late since he was already up.

Craig cooked us bacon and eggs which was great. Then we left and Max gave us a ride to the corner where we got off the trail. We had a 2+ miles road walk to reach the dirt again. When we did, we filled up on water we had cached the night before. We then started our first of three climbs. It was hot and exposed, as most all the day was. We passed Old Corpus on the way up.

We took a break over the top and let our feet cool off since they were so hot (hot and wet feet equals blisters). We then set off to the first water cache at Bouquet Road, where we had lunch. Old Corpus caught us and joined us for lunch. I found a tick on my pant leg after lunch after Wounded Knee told me to watch for them while going the bathroom. I told him later he jinxed me.

We had our second climb of the day after lunch and it was hot, hot, hot. We stopped once again after the top to cool off. After that it was an easy descent to the Oasis Cache where the Anderson stock it. They are a trail angel couple who are really wild. The cache has chairs, a pink flamingo, skeletons, water, of course, and also beer, cola, and fruit juice. It was the coolest. We caught Samwise there and then after she left, Old Corpus caught us. I had two beers and some water. I felt the two beers after I got going.

We hung out for a while and then finally got going. We had an ultra marathon trail runner come by us, who was pretty cool. He chatted a bit and the moved on. Later he would pass me again on his way back and scared the piss out of me since I had my Zune going.

We climbed again, and then had a descent to a traverse climb and then back down again to San Francisquito Canyon Road where two guys in a pickup gave Wounded Knee, Samwise and me a ride to Casa de Luna, where the Anderson’s live. This place is completely the opposite of the Saufley’s. Its really odd. I look forward to camping in the woods/desert tomorrow night.

When we got here, Geek was here along with a hiker named Tammy. Later Wounded Knee would pick up Apple Pie and bring her back to the house. They made us taco salad which was very yummy. We watched a movie while we ate. I hit the sack early since I was so tired.

Scatman 2011-  This was a good day of hiking after a zero but a bit hot.  Even though the trail was relentless, either up or down it passed.  The day was broken up nicely and having two beers in the middle of the day was priceless.  As I said the Anderson’s are the polar opposite of the Saufley’s.  Going from one home in the am to the other at night was strikingly different.



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