PCT 2007 – Day 57 – Saulfey’s, Aqua Dulce

Day 57 5-21-07 Hotel Zero Day ?
Saulfey’s, Aqua Dulce
0 miles; 454.9 total miles (12); 2529.9 trip miles
Cloudy, 70’s

I didn’t get up until 7 am today. I slept great on my cot outside in what appeared to be a tent cabin. It was a rectangle with one open end and 3 windows on each side. Each tent had 4 cots. The Saufley’s had about 5 of these, 3 large bug/shade tents, and two mobile homes.

My day was extremely busy and super tiring. I did logistics until around 12:30 and then Craig, Vortex, Blue Sky, Greg, and I went to REI in Big Red an old Suburban. I drove there which was really weird but on the way home I sat in the back and it gave me a headache. We also went to Baja Fresh a Mexican place, Adventure 16 an outdoor store, Cold Stone ice cream, and Radio Shack.

We didn’t get back until past 6 pm. The whole time I was in town it was crazy. As we drove down the road, it was visual overload. My mind couldn’t keep up with all the signs I was seeing. I then did more logistics and then it was off to food shop, which was a nightmare since they didn’t have any thing I wanted. At this point I was too tired to think and Wounded Knee, Craig and I got pizza. I called my parents and asked them to get the needed food for me. We got back and I went right back to logistics. I pretty much did logistics all day.

I have to admit I hate zero days and the planning of food drops and where the food is going is a pain in the butt. I’d much rather be in the woods.

I finally got to a computer with speakers and I got a chance to play a song my friend Randy made for me. I couldn’t download it to my Zune though.

Scatman 2011- Driving for the first time in 57+ days was just plain weird.  I didn’t like it.  The whole day was a blur.  I pretty much had a break down in the grocery store.  I was supposed to be buying all the food I needed for the next section, and the first half of the Sierra.  I was so tired at this point that when I couldn’t find my normal staples I lost it.  I just couldn’t get it together to figure out another plan, so the plan became my parents would ship me my food.  I had hoped I’d saving them the cost of shipping me food but for me most towns didn’t have the right foods.  If you know me I’m not picky in the sense of being vegan or a vegetarian but if I want a certain kind of junk I want a certain kind of junk.  What’s the point of walking 22 miles a day and not being able to eat exactly what you want at the end?



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