PCT 2007 – Day 39 – Warner Springs – Lost Valley Rd

Day 39 5-3-07
Warner Springs – Spur road pass Lost Valley Rd
9.9 miles; 119.5 total miles; 1954.7 trip miles
Sunny with some clouds, 80’s

I woke up at 7 am and it was tough. My bed was super comfortable and I was tired still. Mom, Dad, Wounded Knee, Ultra Bright (U.B.), and I went to breakfast and we hikers downed every last bite. It was very yummy.

After breakfast we each did our own logistics and then met for lunch down near the hot sulfur pool. After that U.B. and I went in the hot pool while Wounded Knee tended to his blisters. The water was much warmer than last night.

I met even more hikers I hadn’t seen yet and lots I had seen over the prior days since the kick off. There was a reported 25 hikers at the spring we had lunch at yesterday. There sure were a lot of hikers at the hot springs.

We planned to be on the trail at 3 so we only took a short dip and it was time to go pack. We hit the mini mart on the way out for last minute snacks. Mom and Dad drove us to the trail and then they walked a short way with us. My dad even carried my pack to where I left the trail.

It was extremely hard for me not to cry when I hugged each of them goodbye. My good friend just lost his mom and it really reminded me that my parents are getting older too and that they mean a lot to me. Plus they both have been doing so much for me during this trip and that means the world to me. It’s the same thing with Sam, too. In both chases the realization I wasn’t going to see them again for months was hard.

My folks and I

The trail was not too hard and we hiked along the Agua Caliente Creek which was beautiful. It was tempting to stop there. We climbed out of the creek and traversed to our current camp spot. Along the way we saw a 10″ lizard that was on the trail. Surprisingly he didn’t run like most. I think he was lethargic since the sun wasn’t too warm at the time.
We are camped on the side of a slope where there is a nice flat spot. It looks like we might get some rain but let’s hope not.

Scatman 2011- I fought hard to be strong when my folks and I went our separate ways.  I was quiet for some time.  It was hard knowing I’d only talk to them on the phone and would be alone except for those I met along the way.  Luckily I met some wonderful people but eventually I ended up hiking the last 1400 miles without a hiking partner.  In a way I preferred it that way.  I really did “hike my own hike” as hikers say.  It’s actually hike your own hike but who cares.



Get out there!

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