PCT 2007 – Bodega Bay – San Francisco, CA

Stage 19 4-13-07
Bodega Bay – San Francisco
78.84 miles; 1092.12 total miles; 11.7 mph avg.; 6:42 hours
Sunny, some wind and 70’s?

I slept fine in my freshly painted room. The construction guys who were working on the room next door were there and working by 7 AM. I was up so the noise didn’t bother me.
I was on the road by 7:30. The route headed inland from Bodega Bay and into the hills. There were lots of cows, sheep and horses to see grazing the country side. I also saw lots of hawks and turkey vultures. The stage followed Rt. 1 until Point Reyes Station. Along the way, I stopped in Valley Ford and Tomales. In Tomales they have a great little bakery, at which I was one of 10 cyclists. I believe the Tour of California went through town since I saw writing on the road on the way in.

The route hits the east side of Tomales Bay on the way into Point Reyes Station. I saw a Loon in the bay. The road was very hilly for most of the day but flatten out the closer I got Fairfax.

I had lunch in Point Reyes Station at the second bakery of the day. Once again there was a bunch of cyclist there. Point Reyes was a cute little town. While there I got route advice from some of the riders and the suggestion I got was to skip following Rt. 1 to Olema where there was a big hill to get over Bolonasa Ridge. I backtracked a quarter of a mile took Point Reyes – Petaluma Rd to Platform Bridge, which to me to Sir Francis Drake and a great bike path. The path took me all the way to Camp Taylor CG. At that point, it was back on Sir Frances Drake into Fairfax. Once to the city limits of Fairfax, I took all back streets to Larkspur.

I had an option to stay with someone in Novato, which was north of here but due to poor cell phone reception and bad timing I didn’t connect with them. I looked for hotels with my dad’s help and we found everything was full. Spring break and something else filled up all the hotels. We found one near me and when I got there it was full. I was having flash backs to yesterday and trying to find a place to stay. To top things off, I had to go the bathroom something terrible and there was nothing. I hung up with my dad and headed back to my route looking for a bathroom. I happily found a port-a-john on the side of a street. When I got out, my dad had found me a place to stay. Once again things just worked out. The only issue was it was another 10+ miles away and it was past 6 pm and I was out off water. I headed for the Golden Gate Bridge, found water along the way and got to the hotel on the north side of the city around 7:30 PM.

Once to the hotel, I showered and went out to eat. I had some good mexican and a Fat Tire beer. I also touched base with my brother’

s friend who lived in Novato. We chatted on the phone while I finished my beer.

It was my second longest day. I cramped for the first time at dinner; but, I already knew I didn’t drink enough during the day. Even with the frustration of finding a place to stay, it was a great ride through some beautiful country side. I even saw my second gecko today. I usually just hear them rustling away through the leaves on the roadside. I had some large white dogs, which were tending a herd of sheep, let me know to keep going. One of them followed me along the whole fence line, barking all the way. In the AM I saw some deer too.

I have to say I don’t like the big city feel now that I’m here in San Fran. I enjoy the idea I can get anything I want; but there’s just too much going on. It’s too busy/fast.

Glove count is 23.

Scatman-  This was a long day.  It was broken up with lots of really good food shops but it was too long.  I saw a lot but didn’t really have time to enjoy most of it.  I saw a ton but in passing.  I never felt like I had to make time but at the end of the day you wish you had more time to relax before going to bed.  I think this day was the only day I had to use my flasher due to darkness.



Get out there!

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