PCT 2007 – Mason Lake – Elma, WA

Day 2 3-27-07
Mason Lake – Elma
44.5 miles; 92.3 total miles; 10.8 mph avg 4:06 hours
AM – cold and overcast; PM – 50’s and clear/windy

Well it rained all night and stopped around 5 AM. My tent was on a slope so I keep sliding to the right. I will have to put some seam sealer on the floor to stop my ad from slipping. Between that and the rain on the tent I didn’t sleep all that good.
I got up at 7:16 AM and had some oatmeal and hot chocolate. It was then time to pack up my wet gear. I was on the road by 8:13 AM. The day started off cold with overcast skies. I was sure it would rain but at 12 noon the clouds started to break and the day ended blue and in the 50’s.
My legs were super heavy and my hamstrings were tight. The hamstrings bother me worse than my knees. It’s a constant dull tightness.
It’s crazy but with the 50 pounds behind me I can only manage 5 mph on some hills. (rubies…Wenatche has nothing on trailer towing).
I had lunch at Buck’s Praire Store, where I dried out my tent. I got to the hotel I’m staying at in Elma around 3 PM. The first thing I did was shower. It was wonderful. I washed my clothes which is sweet.

Lunch Break

Tomorrow I head East to Centralia and the route should get flatter. I will be staying at Lewis & Clark State Park. It’s an old growth forest.
Another first today, I lost the bag that came with my Zune.

Birds: Red-tailed Hawk; Swallow (not sure which kind)


Get out there!


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